Dog Training Near Me: Make Your Dog Epic Dog Training Tulsa, Oklahoma or Any City and State You're Located In

Dog Training Near Me: Make Your Dog Epic Dog Training Tulsa, Oklahoma or Any City and State You're Located In

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Are you looking for dog training near you? Well you have found the right book for you! We might have a location near you! If not well this is the whole reason for this book! This book will be a valuable asset to you in your search of a dog trainer near you or your own personal journey to be a great dog trainer. No matter your training methods this book is helpful in changing the way you think about dog training and look at or run a dog training business.

Our unwavering mission revolves around one singular goal-creating, well-behaved, joyful dogs alongside their equally joyful owners. No one dog is the same, and no one owner is the same. This book we give to all of our clients for free. No matter what dog training style you use this book will be helpful and informative. It does not only include what it takes to be a successful dog trainer but also what you must do to run a successful dog training business.


This book is filled with notable quotables, dog quizzes, dog jokes, dog training tips, business protips and more! We made this book to be interactive and fun! The first section of the book is dog training, the second section of the book is the business of dog training!

The question I thought about throughout the process of creating this system is: "What's the value in a dog's obedience, if it doesn't come with happiness?"

Our Motto is: "Obedience but NEVER at the expense of personality.

The chapters of the book include


Our Commitment to Training

The Goal of a Dog Trainer

How Our Training System Was Created

Dogs See In Pictures

Puppy Training

Potty Training

10 Sins Of Dog Training

10 Virtues Of Dog Training

Anxiety and Aggression

Dog Quiz


The Power of the Weekly Meeting


Don't Reinvent the Wheel

The Group Interview

Gather Objective Google Reviews from Happy Clients

Gather Video Reviews from Happy Clients

Never-Stop Advertising

Dog Math

The Path to Promotion & Being the Perfect Employee

Do you want to Own a Make Your Dog Epic Location?

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