A Millionaire's Guide: Sales Domination - Creating Scalable Sales Systems

A Millionaire's Guide: Sales Domination - Creating Scalable Sales Systems

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Why Should You Read This Book?

Are you struggling to sell your product, service, or idea to the market? Clay Clark is a master of selling, and now he wants to teach you his proven processes, scalable systems, and sales mastery moves in a humorous and practical way.

What Will You Learn In This Book?

  • Why If You Aren't Getting Rich Don't B#%$, Just Implement the Super Moves I Use
  • How to Construct the Ultimate Scalable Sales System
  • How to Diagram Your Sales Plan
  • The Three Ways to Get Rich and Why It's More Painful to Be Poor Than Rejected
  • Why At the Top, Everyone Can Sell
  • How to Cut Through the Clutter of Commerce
  • The Law of Credibility to Work on Your Behalf
  • The Power of Proof Statements
  • How to Create Your Scalable Sales Script
  • The Art of the Cold Call | Learning to View Rejection as Just Another Step in the Right Direction
  • Why Even With Great Sales Systems, Without KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) Your Sales Will Die
  • Why Training Great Salespeople is Not an Event, It's a Process
  • Why You Must Commit to Taking Your Communication Skills to the Next Level
  • How to Determine the Other Problems That You Can Solve for Your Ideal and Likely Buyers That Now Both Like and Trust You
  • How to Properly Price Your Products and Services
  • Why You Must Not Complicate the Strategy: Call Them All Until They Cry, Buy, or Die
  • Why This Can Be Your Year to Start Thriving and to Move Beyond Just Surviving
  • The Dark Art of Door to Door Sales

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