A Millionaire'$ Guide | Creating Habitual Wealth

A Millionaire'$ Guide | Creating Habitual Wealth

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Are you looking for a proven and practical plan for achieving financial freedom? In this millionaire's guide, Clay Clark teaches the specific steps that you need to take in order to create habitual wealth including:

- How to Go from Poverty to Prosperity

- How to Increase Your Income

- How to Invest In Yourself, So That You Can Invest In Your Business

- How to Develop the Daily Routines Needed to Achieve Financial Prosperity How to Set And Accomplish Your F7 (Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Friendship, Fun, & Focused Attention) Goals

- How to Develop A Financial Calendar That Sets You Up For Success

- How to Enhance Your Management Skills to Deter Morons

- How to Partner Only With People Who Share Your Values And Worldview

- How to Install Merit-Based Pay So That Poverty Will Go Away

- How to Stop Acting Like A Bank Because You Are Not A Bank

- How to Implement Simplicity Into Your Business

- How to Understand How Much Money is Required to Pay Those You Hire

- How to Be Intentional With Your Money

- How to Price Your Products And Services So You Can Be Sustainably Profitable How to Measure What You Treasure

Clay Clark answers real questions from real business owners to help them implement real success strategies. This is a guide to creating time and financial freedom by getting serious about implementing success systems that are proven to work. If you feel like your business owns you more than you own it, Clay Clark's Millionaire's guide gives you access to learn directly from the mistakes of people who learned firsthand, so you don't have to! If you have been waiting for the right time to pursue your entrepreneurial endeavors, the time is now. Through his illuminating humor, and his over-the-top expressiveness, Clay Clark's legendary success story has helped reach thousands of business owners, and taught them to follow the path to financial freedom. This proven success guide has the step-by-step plan that you need to know to create habitual wealth in your life.

* Each item is personally signed by Clay Clark