Fear Unmasked

Fear Unmasked

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The headlines aren't telling the whole truth.


Fear Unmasked gives you the essential information you need to know about the coronavirus, the government shutdown, and the media that is perpetuating the hysteria. Entrepreneur and small business expert Clay Clark will uncover the truth about the virus and reveal the deeper, unconstitutional issues at play in this pandemic.


Throughout the course of this book, I promise that I will provide you the following panic-killing and fear-reducing benefits:

- You will no longer worry about who the virus can kill (because you will have the facts).

- You will no longer worry about the economic fall-out related to the coronavirus (because you will know the details related to our government's response).

- You will no longer feel the need to glue your face to your devices, sifting through the doomsday headlines and political agendas of either party to find the facts that you and your family need to be safe during this 'weird time.'

- You will no longer feel the need to debate with the soul-sucking, fear-mongering, end-times-prepping people on social media.

- You will find yourself 100 percent uninterested in going down the Google search black-hole of run-away conspiracy-theory research.

- You will take advantage of this downtime and you will start crossing things off of your to-do list that you've been putting off because you previously 'didn't have the time.'


Clay reads between the lines of alarmist headlines and gives you the truth behind the panic. Fear Unmasked urges you to not compromise your American values because of unfounded fear caused by the media. By arming yourself with the truth and refusing to give up your constitutional rights, you can unmask fear.


* Each item is personally signed by Clay Clark