A Millionaire's Guide: The Art of Powerful Public Speaking

A Millionaire's Guide: The Art of Powerful Public Speaking

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In this page-turning power-packed classic, Clay Clark teams up with the (now deceased) former iconic pastor and his long-time friend and speaking mentor Carlton Pearson to teach you proven public speaking tips, tricks, and moves that you can use.

NOTE: Although Carlton Pearson & Clay Clark could not disagree more about their religious beliefs (Carlton Pearson was a Universalist) and Clay Clark (Is a Jesus-believing Christian), Pearson & Clark agreed on the power of words, communication, inspiration, and persuasion.

In This Book You Will Learn How Master theArt of Public Speaking As Well As:

  • Dealing with The Fear of Public Speaking
  • Earning the Right to Speak
  • Delivering Powerful Presentations
  • How to Build Rapport with Your Audience
  • Planning Your Speech
  • Setting the Expectations with Your Audience
  • The Power of Words
  • The Super Moves of Oral Roberts
  • Preparing for Your Presentation
  • Knowing What You Are Working With
  • Using Humor
  • Incorporating Music Into Your Speech
  • Becoming an Expert
  • Turning Strangers Into Friends
  • 24 Hours Before Show Time
  • Tuning In Your Audience
  • The Nuts & Bolts of a Properly Outlined Speech
  • Engaging Your Audience
  • Mastering Your Craft
  • The Ultimate Public Speaking Outline
  • How to Generate Paid Speaking Engagements
  • How to Turn Presentations ThatSucceed Into Viable Leads
  • How to Turn Your Leads into a Financially Viable Business Model That Succeeds
  • And More!

* Each item is personally signed by Clay Clark